Charles Wesley's work explores the encapsulation and transcoding of light held within digital media as a means of expressing and distilling sensual existential delight in the presence of physical reality.  Wesley holds a deep curiosity with the act of being and of being aware within the felt presence of immediate experience. He is interested in texture and chaotic patterning in an bodily kinesthetic way, as the bedrock material of the fabric of reality. Wesley is currently participating in a residency sabbatical within twenty-first century America, where he is participating in a sampling survey of light and reality structures.  Within his field of inquiry, Wesley is undergoing a self transcoding transmutation process and is becoming Charles Wallace.

"I find existence at all so enchanting, that its presence vibrates with a powerful exotic hum of profundity that is simply magic. It links me to the wild mysteries that are howling at the horizon of everything. I'm advocating strange play. There is a language in the mind capable of communicating with the world in a space beyond language and my work inhabits and experiments there."